First Edition

Golden Eclipse Unboxing

The Great & Lessor Secrets

Tarot & Astrology

The Major & Minor Arcana roughly translates into English as The Great & Lessor Secret. The word arcanum (pluralized as "arcana") came from Latin arcanum, meaning "secret," and entered English as the Dark Ages gave way to the Renaissance.

Literally, every day we live in rhythm with the Universal energies. Why not awaken to the knowledge?

The illustrations in the Golden Eclipse Tarot are a homage to our Babylonian inheritance and Renaissance Astrology; where and when our attention turned upwards towards the sky.

The Babylonians developed a horoscope around 500 BCE, where each day of the week was assigned to one of the seven observable planets:

‚ėČ the Sun / Sunday (The Sun),
‚ėĹ the Moon / Monday (the High Priestess),
‚ôā Mars / Tuesday (The Tower),
‚ėŅ Mercury / Wednesday (The Magician),
‚ôÉ Jupiter / Thursday (The Wheel of Fortune),
‚ôÄVenus / Friday (The Empress), and
‚ôĄ Saturn / Saturday (The World).

You already live in rhythm with the Universe and these planetary energies every day - why not awaken to their symbolic language?


Major Arcana

Death & Scorpio

Each Major Arcana corresponds to a planetary ruler or zodiac sign. The Death card corresponds to Scorpio and the 8th House. You can see in the image, the 8th house is illuminated on cosmic wheel of the zodiac.

It is during Scorpio Season and the Death Card that we experience transformation and change. Death is not the ending, it is nearly a time in ones’ life for transformation. Death allows for our energy to be diverted to other areas; for a new cycle to take root and begin.

Minor Arcana

2 of Cups / Venus in the 1st decan of Cancer

The two of cups corresponds to Venus in the 1st decan of Cancer. Here you can see Venus' glyph located in the 4th house, of Cancer.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra; relationships and that which we value. With Venus in Cancer, we value the emotional bonds that we create. We seek to feel safe and nurtured, so in return we can nurture, protect our hearts and heal ourselves.



Also included in the Golden Eclipse tarot are the 7 magickal planetary squares and sigils for Sol, Luna, Mars, Mercury,  Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.

Magick Squares, also known as Kameas, are associated with planetary magick and the modern Hermetic Kabbalah. You can use magick squares to create your own sigils to empower your intentions; or place on your new moon or full moon altars.