Golden Eclipse

[pre-order] Golden Eclipse Tarot Deck

$80 $98

A circular tarot deck that joins tarot, astrology, and planetary magick. Double-sided gold foil tarot cards with zodiac wheel, featuring astrological correspondences.

Green energy 💚 The tarot cards are produced in Italy, with 100% solar energy; printed on 100% recyclable FSC certified European paper, with food-grade inks and matte finish.

**PLEASE note: this is a pre-order item. The estimated shipping is scheduled for the end of June 2021/July 2021

Shipping: Thank you to everyone who backed our Kickstarter!  Estimated shipping for backers is planned for the end of June 2021/July 2021. Shipping will be done in batches, starting with Kickstarter backers, then website pre-orders.

EU! If you're in the EU, we have arranged drop shipping from Italy so your orders will be sent from within the EU.

All illustrations are hand-drawn. The typography around the cards uses a signature Golden Eclipse font family, created specifically for the tarot deck - resulting in a unique magical container for the Golden Eclipse.  

The tarot cards are double-sided gold foil with a matt finish. An 'antique' gold ink is printed on top of the gold foil. Over time, as the deck ages with use, more of the brilliance of the gold foil will reveal itself -  symbolizing enlightenment obtained by spiritual practice and dedication; resulting in a tarot deck that is uniquely yours, by the way, you interact with the deck. 

  • First Edition
  • 85 cards for this tarot system: 78 tarot & 7 planetary kameas
  • 78 round tarot cards with zodiac wheel, depicting astrological correspondences
  • Bonus: 2 'The Fool' cards
  • Bonus: includes 7 planetary kameas (magick square) and sigils for planetary magick and rituals
  • Bonus: Pendulum chart - yes, no, zodiac wheel, and latin alphabet
  • double-sided gold foil with 'antique' gold ink overlay
  • printed on luxurious FSC certified 350gsm European paper, with matte varnish and gold edges
  • tarot card size 4-inches (102mm dia.)
  • Rigid box with black soft-touch paper, gold foil, with  OEKO-TEX® certified foam (free of CFC), with a circular die-cut hole to cradle the tarot cards

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