Golden Eclipse

[pre-order] Golden Eclipse Tarot Deck


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This exclusive round tarot deck combines tarot, astrology, and planetary magick in a truly unique and magickal way. Each deck includes 85 double-sided gold foil cards featuring hand-drawn illustrations and typography, a zodiac wheel, and astrological correspondences for both the Major and Minor Arcana.

    • First Edition
    • 85 cards for this tarot system: 78 tarot & 7 planetary kameas
    • 78 round tarot cards with a zodiac wheel, depicting astrological correspondences
    • E-Booklet: 169-page digital e-booklet quick-reference guide, available in English, Español or Italiano
    • Bonus: 2 'The Fool' cards
    • Bonus: includes seven planetary kameas (magick square) and sigils for planetary magick and rituals
    • Bonus: Pendulum chart - yes, no, zodiac wheel, and Latin alphabet
  • Double-sided gold foil with 'antique' gold ink overlay
  • Hand gilded edges
  • Printed on luxurious FSC-certified European paper with a matte varnish and gold edges
  • Tarot card size 4-inches (102mm dia.)
  • Rigid box with black soft-touch paper, gold foil, with  OEKO-TEX® certified foam (free of CFC), with a circular die-cut hole to cradle the tarot cards.

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