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Marie Satori

I'm a professional Medium, Psychic and Designer.  I studied Fine Arts and Design at SUNY Purchase, NY and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY. I am of Russian and Sicilian descent, and carry the knowledge from my family and mentors before me. I learned the tarot from an oral tradition from the age of 8, and then entered an 8-year apprenticeship (8 yrs to 16 yrs). I began my psychic professional journey in 1998; starting with brick and mortar, then festivals, owning and operating 7 intuitive booths for 16 years at the NYRF (New York Renaissance Festival), corporate events, retreats, online sessions, and in-house practices. I have been offering spiritual service professionally for over 30 years; and I am now sharing my knowledge with you through the creation of this Tarot deck and spiritual system.

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Carmen Seijas

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