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Tarot Reading - timing & predicting a relationship outcome

This is an example of a relationship reading & spread with the prototype of the Golden Eclipse Tarot (the final card will have gold foil).

💧 Lots of water. Lots of emotion 💧

At the core, there will be reconciliation. You see this by the 3 of Cups being center of the spread. The timing of the re-stabilizing of the relation begins around end of Jan, and doesn’t stabilize until end of Feb / beg of March. How do I know this? I’m looking at The Star & Knight of Cups (🧞‍♂️🐚) Both highlight Aquarius & Pisces Season. The separation took place in Scorpio (death card) and even though the relationship was rooted with deep emotion, the 5 of cups suggests the woman had challenges letting go of previous hurts, insecurities and sadness from a past relationship; or a heavy heart from multiple heart breaks. She feels deep, in general, and her emotions can become so overwhelming that she cries even when happy. This is a beautiful thing, however the relationship requires her to balance her heart and head (Mercury in the Cancer / 3 of Cups) and root her decisions, and step deeper into her intuition and power. The High Priestess coupled with the 3 of Cups and Queen of Cups asks that she aligns and masters her emotions. Balancing both emotional body and spiritual body. The maturing of her emotion and spirit. You can further see the woman / drawing in the 5 of Cups is looking down longingly at the 3 of cups. She desires to be connect and happy again. She wants to be at the final outcome, already. However, processing her emotions and living in this confusing “meantime” of emotional restructuring is part of the healing and reuniting process.

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